iCal notifications

Hello all,

I recently set up Kanboard to sync the iCal calendar up with my android phone. I found that none of the tasks have notifications for their corresponding events that are created.

I did some digging and found that there is a component of the iCal spec (VALARM) that can be set for the notifications. I see that this is already included in the iCal vendor library in Kanboard (Eluceo) but is not being used.

I didn’t see any discussion or Github issue that touched on this, so I thought I’d broach the subject here. I was thinking along the lines of something like - unless it’s an all-day event (time==00:00), set a notification for the start datetime of the task (or due datetime, however that’s handled internally). The reason being I wouldn’t want alarms on all-day things, but only for specific timed reminders. I also would hope that there would be a global default to specify the notification lead time (5 mins before, 30 minutes before, time-of, etc.) I would hope that could be set globally, and then overridden on a per-task basis.

Anyways, let me know if there’s anything out there that does this that I’m missing, or if you all have any thoughts on this.


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it would be a nice addition, but they should be a way to turn it off (per user).


I’m thinking about looking into this. Would it be appropriate for me to set this up the same as the Web/Email notifications? I might add an override on a per-task basis, but to start off with, just a global setting would be easier.

My only hesitation is because adding iCal alarms aren’t the same as any of the “push”-type notifications, but that is the only logical place that I can see to put it.

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