CALENDEAR-Plugin not useful ✅


anybody here who has experience with the CALENDAR plugin? I installed it, now can see an empty calendar form, but I can’t find any Help how to use it. Create calendar entries …

Where can i find a useful documentation for it?



To “create” calendar entries, simply set “Start date” and/or “Due date” of any task.
There are two calendar views, one for the project and another for the user. That’s all, AFICS.


Ah - that was much to simple for me …


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I have to confirm, that the calendar plugin is not a great help, at least not for me. I’ve installed it for evaluation purposes only.

Yes, for me it’s also not useful. Plugin list seems to promise a real calendar, but the plugin only does a view of Task Dates in a calendar; it seems without any additional options.

Yes, same as for the Gantt plugin. I’ve installed it lately due to this thread. I dont really need or use it.