Calendar issues

I’m here in an excessive fight with the Calendar plugin. Whatever I try, I cannot bring is to a really usable state.

For testing, I have created 4 events (tasks). In the month view, everything is OK.

But when switching to week view, only the first task is rendered correctly, all the remaining are overlapping and/or at a wrong position.

On the day view, there isn’t any output at all!

Maybe I’m alone with this, but I tend to refuse these thoughts. Can someone confirm similar issues or say something enlightening here? Do week and day views work somewhere flawlessly?

Thanks in advance.

same behavior when i test, and i would argue that even month view is wrong. if i put 4/11 - 4/15, it only extends from 4/11 to 4/14. personally feel like that should extend to the 15th.

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Additional question: Does drag & drop of calendar events work anywhere?

We’re getting closer… :grin: