Add personnal view

In case KanBoard get a lot of projects (like 1 per client). Would be good that’s action like “My tasks” which should present all boards, and not just list tasks.
For example could use 1 swinlane by project. Like this every developper who could get tasks on differents project could get a personnal board for following every one well, and could use drag’n’drop.

take a look at this plugin:

Seconding BigBoard, it’s really good.

Update is available here - haven’t tried it. Anyone has had a chance to see if it is any good? (

It can be a bit confusing to find the “latest” or “official” version of a plugin, but I’d recommend using BlueTeck’s version:

BlueTeck submitted a pull request to the Kanboard website to make it the official version, and it’s the one I’m currently using for a production system.