View all my tasks from all projects on a board

hi there kanboarders!

Can I view all my tasks from all my projects on a board? This would help with self organization… :slight_smile:


You might have a look at the BigBoard plugin. I don’t know & use it, but it might help you.


yes I think BigBoard will be the only way, or use the Dashboard shortcut in Glancer plugin, which jumps straight to the ‘My Tasks’ section

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I use the BigBoard plugin and it works well for me. It doesn’t mix all the tasks from different projects onto a single board, so if that’s what you’re looking for be forewarned. Instead, it shows one board for each project in a single view, with the projects stacked. I’m not sure it’s even possible to combine two or more kanban boards into one though given that a board can have arbitrarily columns, swimlanes, etc. It might be worth thinking about manually combining the tasks from varioues projects into one project using different swimlanes, depending on what your projects are and how you’re using kanboard.

Another option that may or may not work: Dashboard → Project management → Projects Gantt chart gives you a Gantt chart with all tasks from all of your projects. You’ll have to set some dates in the tasks for this chart to be meaningful, and Gantt charts are clearly inferior to kanban boards :nerd_face: But this view does have some nice features, including the ability to drag tasks on the calendar and expand or contract estimated time by dragging the bars in the chart.

ty all! indeed BigBoard helps and I understand that the problem can be complicated more and more.

I was just looking for a possibility to see my tasks based on swimlanes in order to get an overview (I’m a visual kind of guy) and I guess I can live with bigboard and the split between projects can prove even beneficial in time.