I'm working on an Android client for Kanboard

It’s called Khanos and you can find the app and coffee on my GitHub [here] (GitHub - Jeoxs/khanos: A Flutter Android Client for Kanboard).

I’m trying to add more Kanboard features while having a clean interface using flutter Framework.

I developed the app because i needed a way to manage my projects and tasks fast and easy.

Hope you find it useful!


This looks awesome, good job.
I’m also interested to start an iOS client. if it happens it will be native swift.

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i been using your app in my workflow (is awesome), but is not working to all members, gives error 403 if the member is not Administrator.
I have created special roles in the project, Does this have anything to do with the error?

Do you plan to make it available on F-Droid?

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Dear Jeoxs, i am very interested in using your app but facing some login issues which i have posted here:

it looks like the kanban authentication refuses the android app, is there any change in the config.php needed?
Any help is very much appreciated…

Kanboard 1.2.21 Khanos 1.1.6

I have updated my issue in khanos git repro and I am now thinking, that my login problems with external apps like khanos or kandroid is related to either some kanboard configurations (config.php) or my web server restrictions (.htaccess) . I have posted there a debug logfile. To me it seems that the username and/or psw is not correctly passed over. The authentication fails either on LDAP (using LDAP auth) or directly on the API (using local auth). With the webfrontend everything works fine.
Maybe its also an SSL issue, i am using Lets Enncrypt certificate.
Any tips for a correct configuration for the use with external app access?

I think this mobile project is abandoned

Hi, do we have any progress regarding Android app?

I’d really love to get it from either F-Droid, F-Droid Repos or from Github directly.

I’m tired of being dependent on Play Store.

Has anybody had any luck with this project?

I am working on this app, I want to resume development and update it. Could you help me with some questions and if anyone else wants to help I would love to