Kanboard mobile application

Does anybody use a mobile application with kanboard website ?
I try to use the kanboard app from google aps, but it doesn’t work and i don’t understand why…
Does anybody use it ?
Thank you


You are talking about this one:

Works perfectly fine here.

Sorry no, I’m not talking about that one.
I know that one but is not the same as task.
It dosen’t have a widget, it dosen’t display task in a simple way.
I don’t understand why… we need a NEW android app when there are android app related to tasks already perfectly working.
The point that I’m trying to do is:

  • of course you can make how many apps you want, that are doing almost same things (managing tasks)
  • But please implement open compatible standard and give the user the choice to chose which one the user want to use. Without thinking that each user have same opinion on applications as you.
  • I’m personally not interested in a new android application I would like that kanboard support compatibility with caldav/webdav and make it compatible with whatever other application supports them.