Kanboard portable is available - requesting your feedback


I’ve created a portable Kanboard package for Windows. The package contains a webserver and

  • does not need admin rights on a system
  • has a demo board
  • comes with a few plugins
  • runs from an usb stick
  • let’s you test every bell and whistle even extra installs of other plugins

Your feedback and help is very much appreciated!

Cheers, Fx


If this is relevant enough i would like to ask to pin this…

Hi Fx,
awesome work! Runs on Win11 directly out of the box.
It’s exactly what I need, a local running Kanboard installation on Windows for my personal usage.

Three hints after the installation and first usage:
a) Downloading the 4 ZIP-Files on GitHub is not very intuitive - perhaps it would make sense to add some small description or make the download easier.

b) is it possible to allow only connections from the localhost? I have seen the option “local=0/1” in the usbwebserver.ini file - but unfortunately this option is not documented. Perhaps you know more?

c) An English manual would enlarge the circle of interested parties :slight_smile: Since I’m a native German speaker that was no issue for me.

Cheers, Thomas

pretty cool.

another option is simply docker for windows, which is my preferred option. i can change versions of kb on the fly, and test various configs with ease, plus i can throw up all the containers i want to go with it for development.

Hi ThomasF,

thanks for your feedback. Yes, i will add some english information to it. As soon as i have time for it. It’s on the to do list :wink:

I did not know the local option. But from my point of view the Windows Firewall should block it anyway. I will have a closer look.

And yes, the Zip files are a bad option. Did not know that and after i tried the upload to Gituhb i had no chance to change that. I’am also looking for a better solution on that one.

Cheers, Fx

Hi creecros,

Docker is a very good solution. But this “project” was made for people who just want to have more time to try out Kanboard without the hassle to make big setup efforts.

And btw you can change very quickly Kanboard version also with that project. I have this structure:


And one can call htitip://localhost/webproject1/ or htitip://localhost/kanboard/ to start things…

But as stated: not the main goal for this one.

Cheers, Fx

Edit: localhost was missing in example weblinks

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BTW: any help or contributions to this project a highly appreciated!

Cheers, Fx

To overcome that 25MB limitation, couldn’t you better create a release and attach the complete zip there?
AFAIK there is no (known) limitation.

If no one complains… we are talking about a 100 Mb Zip file for each and every download from here…

…and furthermore: does Github allow externel download links anyway? If so i can put it on external file services…


Cheers, Fx

Yeah, but if you look at joplin for instance, each release occupies much more than 100 MB.

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Seams to be some kind of payed or sponsor(ed) account.

Maybe such an account is allowed to store larger files.

I will doublecheck that. Thanks for the hint!


@alfredb you’re right: the filsize in the Release section of a Github repo does not matter!

I’ve deleted the 4 Zip files and added a release which contains just one ca. 75 Mb Zip. This works. Unfortunately the automatic created SoureCode.Zip contain the old version. Does not matter for now.

From now on one can download a single Zip, decompress and run.

Thanks for all the hints und suggestions.

English texts still an opne issue. If someone has time to help… feel free!

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Have sent you an English version of the readme in the issues section of Github - Feel free to use.

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Looks great! Thank you very much. I will put it online as soon as i have time. Next week i guess.

Cheers, Fx

Alternative idea for the used USBWebServer Component.
Uniform Server seems to be pretty fine - see https://www.uniformserver.com/
Looks better documented, has more features and an active community but is also a standalone wamp server which requires no admin rights and can also run from an USB stick if needed.
BUT: USBWebServer is really a very simple solution which runs out of the box and has no bells and whistles. Uniform Server has more features but more features means also more ways to break the server :slight_smile:
But if somebody wants to run more than one web project on the local machine then Uniform Server is perhaps more flexible.

And yes I know I can also use Docker which is sometimes even the better solution. But Docker requires admin rights on the local machine and has some requirements like Hyper-V or WSL2. A simple wamp server does not alter my system and is highly portable.

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English version of the readme.md is now online. Also a serious bug related to the list of all plugins available in the Kanboard plugin directory has been fixed.

Thanks to @ThomasF for both: the translation and the hint for that bug including an info how to fix it! - Great!

You’re right and i think that version of a portable webserver may be much more flexible. Even when you have more webbased software to test or to play around with.

But that is not what i’am aiming for. This package is just for using or testing Kanboard without any hassle. Easy. No overhead. So i have no plans to change things for now.

Anyway: thanks for that hint. I will have a closer look. It may replace my xampp environment :+1: :smile:

Cheers, Fx

Hi ThomasF

I’ve investigated that yesterday. I could not find out what the option local=0/1 does.

But i can say for sure it has nothing to to with a connection from an other device to your local desktop pc.

The connection is made to the Apache server. usbserver.exe only controls Apache and MySQL.

Keeping this in mind it is sufficent to open the Windws integrated firewall for incomming communication to the httpd_usbw8.exe process. If someone wants this. If not: nothing else to do.

I quick try with a disabled Windows firewall: i can connect from my Tablet (e. g.) . If the Firewall is enabled no connection is possible.

Hope this helps.

Cheers, Fx

nice! i have been using laragon but not sure are they the same thing?

also how could i upgrade the version?

No i do not think so. The package that i provide ist meant to be used for testing Kanboard in most easy way. Or if someone likes: use it as a local “portable app” for personal use of Kanboard.

One may use it also as a development environment. That’s possible, but that is not what i was aiming for.

You should backup the following folders:
\www\data (contains your sqlite database and Kanboard settings)
\settings (only if you made changes in that folder)

If you installed additional plugins, than you have to reinstall them or create a backup of them. They are located in the plugins folder below the \www folder.

Make sure that usbwebserver is not running.

Than you can delete the whole KanboardPortable folder and put the new Zip archive contents there. After that restore you backup to that new folder. Done.

Cheers, Fx

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