[SOLVED] How to install Kanboard on Windows with Laragon


I would like to ask if somebody could help me with installation Kanboard on Windows via Laragon.

I tried it to install on Apache server in the past ([SOLVED] I can't install Kanboard via Apache on Windows 10). It was successfully.

Please, could you help me, how to install it with Laragon? I’ve tried to rewrite both required files from Apache and PHP, but it seems that I was wrong and it doesn’t work. Are you hosting Kanboard with Laragon?


So today it does not work.

Yesterday I copied kanboard folder with files to www directory of Laragon on C drive. It worked, also “http://kanboard.test/login” login page. After restart my PC, it shows me here:

Not Found

The requested URL was not found on this server.

Please, could somebody help me with it? It does not work with Laragon.

I’ve solved it. I recognized that my previously installed Apache on C drive, which was defined also in environment variables, was not cooperate with Laragon. So I deleted it everywhere and now it works as expected. Thanks.