How do I self host kanbanboard in windows 10? Is there a step by step guide for it?
This was not enough for me as I’m not pro at doing these things on windows 10.

Maybe this can be a solution,if it is just about using it by yourself:

If not i recommend an Apache / Lamp Installation (XAMPP). Also available as a complete package.

Kanboard it self is easy to setup and well documented.

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I installed using docker.


Quite easy to run behind IIS. Google will find a common instruction for that. The hardest part was installing the IIS and join it with a current version of PHP. Don‘t do like Microsoft tells you, you won‘t get the most current PHP Version. There are some rewrites / bindings you‘ll have to configure if you want to run more than one Webservice on your local machine

We do use Postgres for database services, but if you want to run it on your Machine for you only, the standard SQLite will do nicely

We hooked it up to a smtp Service on exchange as well as on Secure LDAP for authentification of network users. Things you don’t have to do if you are on your own.

Try out the Plugins. Not all will work. Make sure you respect Capitals in Plugin names. If one crashes the kanboard on startup, kick it out of the plugins folder and everything will be fine again.

Be aware, that IIS Application needs to run with elevated authority (run as Admin) to be able to manage the Sites on your Machine.

So try to google IIS and Kanboard and give me a shout, when you‘ll get stuck.