Looking for custom paid / sponsored Kanboard development - Task edit modal / MetaMagik options

Hello everyone,

i asked about this in general a few months ago (Support options for Kanboard - evaluating for use in production)

We’re now on a path where we want to use kanboard for a workflow between departments internally.

Department A receives a request from a client and needs to pass information to Department B. We would like to structure the information as much as possible.

I have created some custom fields with MetaMagik - this is about the amount of fields be would need. I was wondering if it is possible to rearrange the input fields while creating/editing a task. As per now, they are just a long list from top to bottom, which looks a little messy:

In the task overview the fields can be sorted into columns:

I want to make it as easy as possible for my colleagues to fill out the form.
Maybe some of this would be possible via css - but can anybody suggest a different route? For example a custom plugin to override the Task-Edit modal?

We are explicitly looking to pay for such work - be it for individual plugin development just for us or maybe also sponsoring development if somebody sees added value.

We are open for discussion and cooperation models.

Thanks in advance!


Those fields are sortable via drag and drop in the admin panel for metamagik, also in the overview assuming you are an admin. Assuming you have latest version.

I’m open to paid development on MetaMagik.

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Thanks for your reply and sorry for not answering for so long.
This really helped in pushing this project forward internally. As soon as we need something, i will get in touch.

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