Suggestion for Metamagik


Hi there. I’m using Kanboard locally to gain quickly a status about some works in progress (as a print shop, having a lightweight project manager to get little works traced has shortened their delivery times).
I found Metamagik very useful to add additional informations, but I’d like to ask if more custom fields could be added: ex. a calendar field (like the task due & start), and if a field could be reserved for viewing & editing by some users (ex. a text field reserved for price).
Will do a donation as soon as possible. I’ve been searching over a month for differences between the various project manager tools, both online and offline, an this showed to be the best so far.
Thank you so much



Please add suggestions to MetaMagik issue tracker.

Define, the custom fields you would like added, and I’ll look into it, next time I make updates to that plugin.

As for different permissions for different fields, not sure…not likely, I’ll take a look.


Done, thank you. The idea of the required field came with the necessity to note some private data to a separate file (we’re using an excel file, actually), before moving the task into another board, with access to selected users (ex. for invoicing). An idea that came in mind after discovering the “encrypted content” plugin.


Date field should be fairly simple. The other, I think is doable, just depends on how much time I feel like investing at that moment. Just a text field?


Yes, I think a single or multiline could serve various purposes


Congrats, nice job, I’ve already updated and using it, I think it’s a very nice addition.


I might look into the other portion you asked for one day. I’ve just been a little burnt out with code lately and spending my nights doing other things for the moment.