Recommended Theme Plugin

What’s the recommended theme to use with the latest Kanboard build?

Essential looks nice, but does it also have a dark mode?

Essential has no settings at all.

Thanks for the info.

I found Nebula that comes with dark theme by default, but I’m not sure, maybe it will cause issues as default Kanboard theme is white.

Essential supports the Customizer plugin. Maybe this helps.

Have a look at this:

Thanks for the link.

I try to minimize the number of plugins as much as possible.

So I might just avoid installing customizer at all.

That’s great.

It might worth installing Customizer instead of Essential.

However, I’m interested if it breaks other plugins or not.

Customizer doesnt break any plugins as far as I know, @creecros, the devloper is very active to respond if you do encounter any issues.

I use my own theme, well I picked it up and then expanded on it… KanboardCSS… I prefer it as it is pure CSS.

Also look at ThemeMaestro and ThemeRevision.

Alternatively, if you want a better insight into plugins and their last updated states, start with PluginManager.

I make no claims that Customizer or any other plugin i have written, is incapable of breaking or being broken by some other mythical unicorn plugin written by Jone Bones in his basement on a tuesday morning while snacking on some frosted flakes… That’s a ludicrous expectation. That said, I will more than likely respond sooner than Jones Bones. It’s highly plausible I could care less about Jones Bones’s plugin he wrote that doesn’t work with something I wrote, but I might do something about it if it happens to be a plugin that someone I do know wrote that I know will be able to collaborate a fix, because it takes 2 plugins to tango, and let me tell you, I do know how to tango…as I took 4 years of dance class.

If you were to use Customizer, you can also use Essential, and if you want you can actually include Essential theme into the CSS folder for Customizer to make it a selectable theme in Customizers interface. I know Kenlog very well, he even put some sweat into Customizer.

Personally, I like Customizer. It makes Customizing the Kanboard easy, even a dummy can make it look cool, and adds lots of Customization, and allows users to select their own themes(how many ands can i put into a sentance…). Us silly americans call that freedom, well at least some americans still believe in that…

Anyhow, enjoy. or don’t enjoy. The rest in your hands, I’m sure you will make a wise and informed decision that will affect a very little part of your daily life.

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Thanks, Customizer looks good, especially when it comes with nice themes.

That’s my favorite:


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No love for dark mode?

Depends. For an Editor i find that nice. But for Kanboard rather not. Unsure.

Hi @lucas I tried this one: GitHub - Jeroen-45/kanboard-dark-mode-switcher: A simple plugin for Kanboard that adds a button to switch between dark and light modes.
It works great!!! I am also using customizer plugin (great job) and Kanext too; results are unexpected great!
I hope this helps your dark love.