New Theme: ThemeMaestro first public release


i’ve released a theme with some color options for Kanboard.

Feedback appreciated. Issues best on Github.

Have fun.

Cheers, Fx


Version 0.8.0 is now available. And more important it is available in the list of available PlugIns for the Kanboard installations.

A lot of minor fixes have been applied. Mostly to the folderstructure and translation.

Thanks to @aljawaid who had lot of effort to help me with the PlugIn standards of Kanboard which i was not aware of.

Cheers, Fx


Version 0.9.0 is available

In your readme, under compatibilty, it might be worth noting that you can just move or import the css files into Customizer. If they do that, then they become selectable themes in Customizer.

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Oh, did not know that the Customizer can handle any theme. Have to try this.


Cheers, Fx

as long as they are individual .css files, i didnt inspect them, but yes Customizer only needs a css file to add a theme selection. you can just add them to the theme folder, or i even built an upload theme into Customizer to add themes.