So I Try Kanboard And LOVE IT!

i don’t know guys what i must say, you guys amazing really help me so much! even more i can do more productive things and this software really fast i’ve been hosted in my cloud hosting

the only problem this project is the UI/UX it’s really hard understand to begineer after all the feature beyond of complete

absolutely i’ll donate this project after i get job because this time i jobless many thanks from me


hehehe, yeah Kanboard is great !! (and getting better and better…)

I really enjoy working with it too and was sooooo disappointed when I nearly lost my database (sqlite is not fast enough, I guess, on shared web hosting, for a team of 4/5 people using it on a daily basis, now running much better on mysql server db)…

as a Thank You to the developper and to the nice user community, here’s a screen cap’ of our Kanboard, dedicated to the booking musical bands for a small volunteer-run café in southern France (le Sillon Lauzé) :sunny: :love_you_gesture:


wow that’s amazing, i didn’t even think that kanboard can be versatile even for managing booking musical band

the performance is really fast! i use decent small hosting and really good no lag, no buferring and have minor bug but offcourse every platform/software like facebook, adobe, google, autodesk, etc have bug that’s normal

greeting from indonesia to france and thank you for your reply emzeweb :metal::metal:!


yes I agree, it’s totally awesome!

Hi emzeweb,

do you mind to share your theme? It looks great!

Much too good not to make it available to others as well :wink:

Cheers, Fx

Hello FxFx,

I like this theme very much, indeed, but I didn’t create it !

I’m only using the Customizer extension with “Galaxy” set as default theme (in the Customizer preferences, see below…)

and also, I created automated tasks to set a specific color to all tasks created or moved in a given column… that’s all !


About Kanboard themes, my favorite is Theme Revision by Greyaz:

It is very clean and has options to hide some card elements.

If you need to have a clean view of your cards, I recommend to use Table View plugin by Greyaz:

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Cool. Did not know that. Thanks for the hint!

Cheers, Fx

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