Alternative to ContentCleaner v1.0.0 by aljawaid

ContectCleaner is not available in Plugin Directory.

What plugin do you use to serve the following purpose?

This tool allows admins to cleanup their Kanboard database by selectively deleting useless data saved by Kanboard and leftover data after uninstalling plugins.

haha nothing… which is why ContentCleaner was born… give it time, it will be released. I have been coding daily for the last 6 months - just look at my profile. It all takes time. By the way, I’m not really a developer, definitely not by profession. @Creecros was the one who got me into developing - blame him lol

In which scenarios do Kanboard leave useless data?

plugins which affect database tables… the tables or columns are not deleted after the plugin is uninstalled.

Also, there was an ical or calendar issue by @alfred, which also got into this plugin as a feature… which then became known as a cleaning job.

the sessions table was causing 50mb of data for me, there is a fix i that to be able to empty the sessions table.

the plugin will soon be a collection of cleaning jobs (fixes/restore to default) for each issue anyone has encountered and reported.

ContentCleaner is fine in functions as far as i know but the layout, styling, some functions and the readme are not fully updated so use at your own risk.

So it’s needed if only I uninstall plugins.

In case of Kanboard/Plugin updates, no useless data is collected.

Only if you uninstall plugins which have database tables included

In the case of the Calendar, this is not true. It tweaks the settings, let them unrestored.

yeh sorry thats what i meant, either fixes or restores to default

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As a beginner, you don’t need it, as your installation is rather fresh and untainted. But over the years and many Kanboard updates, with dozens of plugins coming and going, it might look different. And finally, it’s a matter of personal taste, some don’t like a messy environment, prefer a clean system all the time.

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I’m overwhelmed by all of these plugins and I like minimal amount of plugins like you.

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Good decision. But be prepared, the appetite will grow over time. :wink:

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agreed, certain features are simply needed and only certain plugins can offer that… like PluginManager.

I dont think any kanboard should be without PluginManager, not because it is my plugin… but because of the info/details it provides. If only I could find out through github/kanboard actually how popular it is, besides the handful of stars

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Absolutely overwhelming

:exploding_head: :exploding_head: :exploding_head: :exploding_head: :exploding_head: