Anyone else thinking a sidebar would be useful as a replacement for hovering things?

I’m entertaining the thought of using Kanboard for more and more projects, including as a “personal kanban” tool. In the last few days I’ve been increasingly thinking that a sidebar workflow, a bit like Trello, could be a useful feature to have. Maybe as a plugin, or as a core feature (but I’d be surprised if the maintainer(s) would want it as a core feature).

Currently, Kanboard forces you to either deal with hovering things with tiny icons with the mouse, which has a bunch of usability issues, or to “enter” inside a task by clicking it, which makes you lose the context of the board.

I would be interested in something in-between, from a design point of view: something that keeps you inside the board view and lets you see details, without the error-prone and “vanishing” aspect of tooltips. Something where you single-click a task and the contents show in a full-height sidebar on the right, until you click an empty space or click another task on the board.

This would let me have a task’s details/contents/subtasks/time tracking/etc. “pinned” in front of me while I work, without being unable to see the rest of the board. I would find this very pleasant to use!

I could go on and on about all the little usability/UX details that make this approach interesting, but it’d be a wall of text and I prefer to keep this initial forum post simple :slight_smile: What do others think?

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I thinks its a worthy feature/plugin. My time is limited these days, but would be willing to contribute to such a project.