Auto assign a task depending on tag

Hi !

Another automation that could help a bit. Would it be possible to automatically assign a task to someone based on the task tag ? Eg: I set 3 tags in my project : Bug, Review, New. I want tasks with the tag Bug to be assigned to User1, tasks with tag New to be assigned to User2, etc…

I’m not sure that this is possible since users can pretty much put whatever they want in that tags field, and then I wonder how the action would work


Think about it. At least Review and New are candidates for columns in Kanban.

They were just examples, not the best one I admit! Thinking about it, instead of Tags I could use Categories but I don’t see any action to assign a categorie to an user.

In fact, the project is to manage customers claims.

We have a document where we report all customer complaints, and depending on the quantity we create a task to check our stock and eventually find a solution with our suppliers. Problems can be finishing, breakage, marking, colors or parts that do not fit. These problems could therefore be Categories. In the columns, we have Claims, Controls in progress, Results of controls, conclusions of controls, actions in progress and closed claims.

The idea would be that if a task is defined with the Category “Color problem”, it is automatically assigned to a user who is in charge of checking the stock to verify the color of all our pieces.

Because categories are assigned to tasks.