Auto login possible?

We run Kanboard inside a iframe on our groupware solution. Works great, except we have to log in manually into Kanboard - even though we are already logged into our groupware application.

This is what I have:

  • Users are already created in Kanboard with the same user names as in the groupware app.

  • Kanboard and groupware are on the same Debian server

This is what I would like to accomplish:

When accessing Kanboard the user should be automatically logged into Kanboard if he is already logged into our groupware.

  • Is it possible to send the login credentials be sent with the Kanboard URL?

  • I know how to write a php snippet that gets the groupware user name of the logged in groupware user. Is there a way I could insert this snippet into the Kanboard code?

Thanks for all help.

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I’m working on something similar

Did you manage to work out something? I’d be very interested if you can share. Thanks

I’m interessed too! Have you sucessed to do this?