Automatic action to define priority in function of categories

Hi everyone,

is there any method to automatically define priorities according to the categories ?

Indeed, I defined 7 priority levels, but I’d like these levels to be defined according to their category:

  • Critical
  • Urgent & Important
  • External urgent
  • Urgent & Easy
  • Easy
  • Normal
  • External

Thanks for your support.


Hi Diablal,
do I understand this correctly … you are looking for an automatic action that lets you assign a priority as soon as a category is assigned to a card?

This would require a plugin.

I think I could code such a plugin …

first thanks for your quick answer.
That exactly what I need.
The way I use Kanboard is as follows :

  • Create task with a specific category, a column and a swimlane and a responsible
  • Automatic rule to change color in function of category
  • REQUIRED FEATURE : Change priority in function of category

Thanks a lot !!!

Here it is:

Be aware that the automatic installation is not available until the Kanboard-Plugin-Directory has been updated according to the following PullRequest:

I have tested on my local board … found no errors … happy to hear if it works fine for you.


Thanks Manfred for your help.

I installed it manually droping the files on my ftp and it rocks !

Exactly what I needed.

Fyi at first I defined priorities until 70 and it seems to be buggy, I then came back to 7 max, and it was ok.

A huge thanks again.