Board Grouping, similar to Trello Teams

I am looking for a way to easily group boards, similar to the Trello Teams functionality.

For example, i have a “master” board, that has my projects sorted by categories ( IOT, automation, electronics etc.) acting as a table of contents if you will, and then to each card, i have linked an entire board. I wish to be able to hide or group away those individual boards, as the way i intend to get to them is via that master board i talked about.

Also, it would be nice if i could separate my Software Development boards from my Personal Boards and so on, by grouping them in teams or something. I know i can make different accounts for this purpose, but i would like to be able to access all these boards without having to log out and log back in. Any ideas?

For the latter use case, i was thinking of hosting multiple kanboard containers, all linked to the same database, but, again, that is a work around, not a solution.