Can't Edit User Profiles

I’m trying to edit users profiles through Users Management > User > Edit, but it gives the following error:

Internal Error: Action not implemented

Even editing my own profile (admin account) gives a white page with the same error.

I’m on a production environnement and upon users creation only the login and password was submitted. Now I need to add email address to each user to be able to get email notifications.

Kanboard version: v1.2.18
Database: SqLite file
Users account type: Local

Any idea to resolve this ?


Without being a pro, two ideas: of you are on production with your setup invest your time in setting up a postgres database. It is no magic.

And I‘ suggest, you‘d update to the latest. KanBoard version, which is 1.2.26 as of this Post.

If you have read access to your Active Directory, I‘d configure LDAP for KanBoard which then pulls all relevant data incl. the mail adress from the directory when the user first logs into KanBoard.