Card URL independent of current project

Right now the URL to a certain card always contains the current project:

When the card is moved to another project that link does not work anymore (I get a “forbidden” error message). As far as I know the card IDs (in this case 170) already is unique. Is there a way to link to a card without reference to the current project? Such as

In our process we are using several projects for different stages of a cards lifecycle. During the development process a card may “see” up to 4 different projects. That means that a cards URL changes up to for times. That gets a little annyoing when the links dont work anymore.

As a workaround you could search for the cards Id and use that link. But that has 2 problems:

  • the cards content arent displayed immediately, you have to click on it first
  • its an extra step - our users just keep copying the direct card link from the browser.

Anyone else have a better solution?

The new plugin from @kenlog might help GitHub - kenlog/KangarooJump: You can switch from one task to another by entering number on any page of your Kanboard