Kanboard for the classroom

I wish to allow students to duplicate a card from my master class workspace to their workspace I’ve created for them, but only have permission to move the card and add attachments/comments. Currently, they can move my ‘master’ card to ‘graded’ (which I don’t want), and they can duplicate the card to the ‘graded’ column (which I don’t want.) How could this be accomplished?


  1. I have a master class workspace, say CSCI 560. with the appropriate swimlanes, categories and columns (to-do, in progress, for review, graded.)
  2. In my master class workspace I have a student role that:
    Project Moving a task is not permitted
    Project Task creation is not permitted
    Backlog Task creation is permitted for this column
    Backlog Closing or opening a task is permitted for this column
    Backlog / To Do Only moving task between those columns is permitted
    To Do / In Progress Only moving task between those columns is permitted
    In Progress / For Review Only moving task between those columns is permitted
  3. Since student should not see each other’s work, I create a repository for each student (with their name) that is a copy of the master repository. I ensure only myself and the student have access. Naturally I have admin access and the student has custom role ‘student’ access.
  4. What I plan to do is: create a card(s) during class, fill in the details, and assign the complexity (which the total number of points the task is worth).
  5. The student needs a mechanism to copy/import that card to their workspace, preferably to their ‘to-do’ category. I don’t want to have to do this for each student.
  6. The student can move the card as needed, once in ‘for review’ I can can either kick it back or move it to graded. (This part (#6) is working just fine.)

Step 5, is clunky right now. Either the student is able to duplicate straight to ‘Graded’ and/or they are able to move my master card into ‘graded’. Is there a way around this?

Currently I’m used ScrumDo for my class, but it is having more issues than KanBoard and costs $$$.

BTW, thanks for the software, it was super easy to create a container, load the needed tools, and get this thing up and running.


The main issue is that a student can both duplicate to his workspace AND move the card to his workspace. Is there a way to only allow duplication? That would be a very simple solution.

You see this menu when you click the trophy icon on the card and it is under ACTIONS. Is there a way to remove the “move to another project” option? (but still keep the “Duplicate to another project” option.)