Moving a project to another server

Dear Community,

I’d like to copy a project from KB installation 1 on server 1 to existing KB installation 2 on server 2. A viable but not the preferred alternative would be to copy all projects from installation 1 to installation 2 and then remove the irrelevant projects manually in the GUI.

I’m relatively new to anything server and am not a database specialist, so please be kind and explain what you’re saying. Telling me which commands I’ll need to execute in a console and what they do, if necessary, would be extra nice.

Additional info:

  • I am not the root user on any of the two servers and won’t be able to gain root access (also asking root to do stuff for me would be the very last resort, since the server space is a rental). I am, however, the owner of all directories, files and databases involved, as far as I know (I’m on
  • I am the admin user of both KB installations.
  • Yes, I have looked for a solution online for quite some time now but am either too stupid to find it or it isn’t there. If the there is a solution I haven’t found, please be so kind and post a link to the site where it can be found.

Thanks in advance for your help!

I ran into the same situation.

Would it be safe to export all tasks and import them back into a new project on the other server?

I am a bit concerned about sub-tasks, relations and assignements to users and groups getting lost.

Hi krheinwald,

Kanboard seems to make internal links by using project ID and task ID.

You can check this by making an internal link from one task to another in the same project and then checking the actual URL Kanboard creates. It contains “task_id=[your task id]” and “project_id=[your project id]”.

So I am confident, it would not be safe to export all tasks and import them into a new project in a different Kanbord instance.

As for my initial question if a whole project could be moved, there is no functionality for that at this time as far as I know. You would have to make sure, there are no links to other projects inside your current Kanboard instance and then devise a robust process to make sure, the project_id of all of your tasks corresponds to the project_id on the new instance on the other server. So there still doesn’t seem to be an easy way to do that.

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as far as I dug stuff up in the issues, there is a problem with exporting and importing via the GUI
So far I can not see howto import tasks into a project. The csv template that is offered as a master does not do the job (nothing is imported) Error analysis ist problematic since I am too stupid to find the relevant logs. I am using postgres and I suppose the UTF-8 could be a problem with that issue.

Any enlightenments?

Michael Maass

has anybody yet tried to export all tasks via the API (getAllTasks) and import them on another Instance with createTask looping through the exported valuies? Just thinking…


Would work. But you would get totally different task IDs. In your API client you would have to process that: check the returned task ID and create comments, subtask, etc. with the new task ID. Sounds like a lot of work …