Automatic Actions - Move to Another Project When Task if Moved to a Column

Dear guru, I humbly ask for your help in determining the problem that’s causing some tasks being “LOST” in the wilderness. (e.g. the task’s location is in Project B, but is simultaneously in the MOVER column of Project A). You can refer to the snippet I took in the attached picture below. My Kanboard version is 1.2.27

Would this probably be a plugin problem? I haven’t yet tried disabling plugins just to observe and monitor this predicament since it doesn’t always occur.

Most of all, I wish to thank you in advance for your willingness to help!


I’m really not understanding what the issue is, and I do not understand what the screenshot is supposed to be showing us.

Try it like this:
1.) Here is my issue
2.) This is how to reproduce the issue.
3.) This is my server configuration.
4.) These are my plugins used.
5.) Any error codes that you may be getting.
6.) Here are some screenshots (with details, i.e. In this screenshot you will notice X joins with B to converge at F, and this is an issue because X and B never should have joined together, as F was meant to be with X, forever…)