Kanboard - mysql automatic actions not working

Kanboard - v1.2.18
Mysql - Ver 8.0.23
Ubuntu - 20.04.1
Cronjob list for user www-data : * * * * * cd /var/www/html/kanboard && ./cli cronjob >/dev/null 2>&1
/var/www/html/kanboard permission : drwxrwxr-x 8 www-data www-data 4096 Apr 19 11:45 kanboard

Automatic Action configured :
Move the task to another column when assigned to a user
Event name = Task assignee change
Source column = New Case
Destination column = Work in progress

Test case:

create new task and then edit that task by assigning it to a user.
this should move the task to ‘Work In Progress’ lane, but task remains in “New Case” lane.
I have the following plugins installed.

Any help is much appreciated.


Hello, @hankbkk!

I couldn’t find those two last plugins on Kanboard plugin directory, but I could reproduce your issue by installing the Calendar plugin.

Try uninstalling it and the automatic action should work properly. If it does not, then one of the last two plugins must be the culprit aswell.

I will take a look into the Calendar plugin, see if I can fix the issue, but I suggest you to open an issue into their bugtracker: Issues · andrewcz / Kanboard Plugin Calendar · GitLab

What I also noted is that if you use the “Assign to me” button, the automatic action runs, but if you open the Edit task, then change the Assignee over there, the automatic action will not run.

Hankbkk, nevermind what i said, I could reproduce the issue without plugins installed.
I’ll have to investigate it further.
I’m sorry to have asked you to open this forum, because it seems to be an actual issue.
Please dont close it on github.
I`m sorry, because I made a confusion about what you said about the cronjob, when I saw it was about an automatic action that didn’t use the cronjob, I even edited my github comment, removing the text asking you to open a thread on the forum.

But after further testing, I believe this is indeed an issue.

Sorry about that.

Also, ignore what I said about the Calendar plugin. It was just a coincidence because I tested differently when I installed and uninstalled the plugin.
I’m adding more information about the bug on the issue at github.