Sync a project between 2 kanboard

Hi !
First, thanks a lot to the devs, kanboard is great !

I use my own installation to manage both personal and pro stuff, I have to start a project, and I plan to use Kanboard to organize it.

I have to install a Kanboard on the project server.

Can you suggest me the best way to sync a project between my Kanboard and the project specific kanboard ?

I assume I can use the cli to export the project, rsync it and import on the other side, but if I can avoid doing rsync in the server it’s better.
If I sync the data dir, I will sync my personal stuff too

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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Or is there a way to federate project on different kanboard (like we kan federate nextcloud share folder …)?

yes, any type of sync will be good for me :slight_smile:

Came here to look just for something like that! I also have a private install and would install another instance for several communities I’m doing stuff with.