Integrate two diferent kamboard


HI !

is there any way to integrate two separate kanboards?

they are installed on separate servers and I would like to mirror tasks from one to the other


so why would you need 2? If you don’t mind me asking.


My team has a kanboard and my client has a kanboard, to use for internal processing, you eventually need to create customer cards for teamwork

I thought there were forms of via webhook or others, a card appearing from the client to my team’s kanboard

we use kanboard as a basic support management tool


If it’s a direct mirror, i.e. all the tasks and projects on one kanboard instance mirrored to the other, then still not understanding the need for 2 instances.

But if you want to incorporate a tool, that would send a task to another instance of kanboard, I really don’t think it would be too difficult, but not aware of such a tool.


I’m just guessing here, but supposing …

  • Company A has a number of kanboard projects
  • Company B also uses kanboard for a number of projects

Company A and Company B want to collaborate on a project together. Both want to use kanboard. Both, for whatever reason would like it on their own instance (for example, if you have all except one project on a specific instance, it’d be very easy to forget that instance 2 existed, particularly if it was a slow-paced project)

If you could ‘share’ a board between two instances, that would be quite cool – potentially a rather nifty decentralised kanban system, quite unlike anything else I know of.

I’m just speculating here on the OP’s requirement, but to me - that would be a really cool thing to be able to do

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I can see that, but wouldn’t define that as a “mirror”. I think via api, though, achieving the above wouldn’t be too difficult, would probably take some thought and time though. For me, a mirror would identical, a reflection of everything from one instance to the other, in which case I’d suggest connecting to a shared DB.

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