[CLOSED] Convert private project in public



In my company, employees should be use Kanboard for manage their projects.
But, an user have (by default) only “user” rights.

So, I activated the “private project” for everybody.

But, if he want share their project with another user or if the project grows up, the “private projet” no longer corresponds to the need.

It’s possible to allow an user to transfer this (private) project as public project (by specifying the destination manager) or can we configure Kanboard to create user with “manager” rights by default ?




Configure Project > Edit Project

Uncheck “Private Project”

Select new owner


I don’t have checkbox for this action.

(I connect with “user” rights)


Looks like only an Admin or Manager can convert them…I see what your saying now.

I’ll look into it and see what that would entail.


Thanks !

I’m wait your answer before to switch in production :slight_smile:



Ok, probably more work than I would imagine you’d be up for.

want me to tell you how, or do it for you?


If I must change a value in data base (I have choose posgreSql) or in config.php, I think I can to do (if you tell me where to go).

What idea do you have ?


It requires a lot more than that…I’ll make you a plugin.



There is a toggle switch only an admin can access to turn the feature on or off located in Settings > Project Settings. Once turned on, The Check box will become available, and Users will be able to ONLY convert their own projects to Public projects. They will gain no other access or rights anywhere else.

Edit: I am assuming you know how to manually add a plugin. If not, let me know.



Thanks for your rapid answer !