Cron jobs on OVH


My Kanboard instance is installed on OVH and i couldn’t find the right setup to activate Cron jobs.

Can anyone help me about that ?

Many thank’s!

I am not familiar with that, but can you say more, like what have you tried, what haven’t worked, any errors?

Googling “OVH cron” I got to a page with php examples:

I don’t know what you have to type into the “command to be executed” because I don’t know your setup, where this script is relative to, but you must call the cli script inside kanboard’s root folder with the parameter cronjob.
So, maybe cli cronjob or kanboard/cli cronjob and selecting language with the php version you are running.


Thank you for your reply.

My Kanboard instance is installed in a subfolder named Kanboard on my domain.

I tried kanboard/cli in the form (command to be executed) and it doesn’t work. The cronjob is deactivated by OVH because of 10 consecutive errors.

Impossible to try kanboard/cli cronjob in the form. The space after cli is not supported.

Any idea ?

Ovh claims 24/7/365 support. They might be better suited to help in this instance.

Agreed with creecros. Tell them you need to run a php script named kanboard/cli with a parameter and it seems impossible. I’ve seen some foruns were people had to create a new script to call an executable with parameters.

You can also run kanboard Cron job accessing a url:

There are some free “crontab” sites where you can set an url and a schedule. Usually they only allow you to set up one url on free accounts but may be enough for you until you figure out how to properly setup the Cron job.

Ok, thank you ! :slightly_smiling_face: