Cron not working after moving the server

We recently moved our Kanboard server to an external drive, and since the move, all of the time based Automatic Actions have stopped working.

I edited the crontab to point to the new directory, but the actions still don’t execute.

We are running the server on a Raspberry Pi running Raspbian Lite. I’ve tried changing all of the permissions on the mounted drive’s directory (recursively), but in testing the command via the command line as www-data, it still says permission denied. I assume I missed a step somewhere in setting permissions for the directory?

I’ve tried using chown and chmod, but it still lists the owner as root root, and any user besides root trying to run the /cli cronjob command gets a Permission Denied error.

After playing around with the crontab some more, I found a fix that appears to work.

If I run the crontab as root (the inexplicable owner of the folder), I just have to specify ./cli needs to be run in PHP, similar to executing it in the command line.

Unfortunately in testing this fix I accidentally sent one of our engineers 65 emails for the same overdue task. :upside_down_face:

Hopefully it continues working, and nothing else broke in out migration.