CRONJOB on Synology

I apologize for my lack of knowledge here… recently Trello and associated apps increased the limitations of their system, so I am moving to Kanboard.

I’ve got everything setup as a docker through portainer in synology. It works! … but the daily events do not trigger. I can successfully trigger them via the URL version of the command, but I want this to be done via the scheduled tasks in synology. To my understanding, this just write to the cron file anyways.

I did find another post in here covering this recently ( Running automatic actions using "daily background job for tasks" event name - #9 by ianme ), but at the end of it, no one ever explains what the “path-to-kanboard” should look like… I’ve been trying various syntax combinations and getting nowhere… And the synology unit is locked down enough that I cannot figure out how to navigate to the path myself, even via the command line I am getting “access denied” responses… (I’m sure it’s possible to login as root… I just have no idea how to do it)

I’m new to synology, I’m new to Kanboard. I realize this is just a syntax issue, but I cannot figure it out for the life of me. I’m assuming this should be a quick fix, but let me know.

Thank you in advance!

Hi, the path-to-kanboard is… the path to the folder where your kanboard is installed, after the /home directory, since the command in the post you are citing is

/home/path-to-kanboard/cli cronjob >/dev/null 2>&1

Technically speaking, the complete path to kanboard is /home/path-to-kanboard/ and maybe in your case it doesn’t start with /home.

So, the easiest thing is to find where lies your KB installation and put that path in the cron command.

Hope this helps!

Thank you for getting back to me on this. I understand that I am supposed to replace that portion of the command with the correct path to my installation… however, with it being installed inside a docker on synology, I don’t know where the files are actually located.

In the file explorer I have a very limited view, so I did open the command line and started browsing through the files that way. I quickly found that many of the folders, (for exmaple /volume1/@docker ) are blocked behind root access, which I was finally able to find a command to get past. Once inside the docker files, I found that the project folder is hashed. I did eventually sort out which one is the specific docker I am looking for, but even inside those files I cannot locate the “cli” file that needs to be directed to.

Using the task scehduler in synology, I can create a task and run it at any time as root. So I’ve been trying MANY different suspected paths with all of them returning a status of “Interrupted” followed by a different number at various attemptes. Either 1 or 127 is ussually returned.

I’ve also asked this same question on the synology discord specifically related to dockers, but I have not received a response on there.

TLDR, I cannot find the valid path on my system.

Oh, i think i’m not at all competent on this :frowning: no experience with docker…
Good luck!

Thats because you are supposed to remote into the container.

If you use something like portainer, you can acess the shell for each container very simply.

If you are console only, and looking to get into a container, docker exec is what you are looking for.

Once in, it will make sense.

You should definitely not be doing anything on your docker host outside the container