Customize invite email

Hello how to customize email “invite to project” and create account page ?

Is this a feature? Or a plugin?

if its exist i want to know the plugin name …
or i think it will be a good feature :smile:

similar, but not really:

hello cool => any time to override translation without lost anything on update ?

I think what you are asking, is…how to override the translations and not lose the translations everytime you update kanboard?

Use this plugin for your translations, and that way when you update kanboard, the translations remain.

cool thanks !!! i will studdy it !

Any solution here? “You have been invtated to register on Kanboard” (or so) is inadequate
I need to adapt the invitation text, required are my name, address, contact data, Project name and some additional info.
For my installation at it’s impossible to install plugins, but it might be possible to modify the text somewhere in the installation files.?!