Language fallback for Plugins

I wonder whether there is a way to create a common plugins language fallback for plugins where no translation for that particular version of a language does exist.

Example for the problem:

  1. User uses a Language version which is not supported for all Plugins he uses. For example
    1.1: German (Du):
    1.2: but Plugin AgileIndicators only is translated for German, not for German (Du)
    » Optimum behavior: KANBOARD uses de_DE instead of not existing de_DE_DU
    actual behavior: Texts shown in en_US :disappointed_relieved:

Any chance to get a plugin or KANBOARD functionwhich does:
a) Use installed German (Sie) if German (Du) can’t be found
b) Use installed English (US) if English (GB) can’t be found
c) Use installed Español (España) if Español (Venezuela)
d) Use installed Português if Português (Brasil)

Any Chance?



I think that would be a kanboard thing and not a plugin thing but I cant confirm.

I dont know if this helps or works…

I also thought about that Plugin. But to be honest – I don’t understand what it does.

May beI will try later.

This plugin is working fine. Within the Kanboard folder you’ll find /app/Locale, with subfolders for popular languages. The file within such a sub folder is named “translations.php”. You can edit that file, add your translations to the concerning strings (between the empty quotes “”), save the file and the translations will be visible immediately.

I would propose a much more pragmatic approach …

Why not contribute a PullRequest for each of said plugins, by copying the folder in locale/de_DE to locale/de_DE_du and then just make the required changes to translate Deutsch(Sie) to Deutsch(Du) ??

My 2 cents,


I know how localization in KANBOARD works.

But I haven’t a clue how Plugin ‘Overwrite Translation’ works, what it does and how in has to be used.