DateRangeFilter should allow strtotime values

Hi @all,

the DateFilter allows to use php strtotime values, in example today or +1 week.

the DateRangeFilter only allows a date which makes it very static.

If you want a filter which shows all tasks created within the last week, it is not possible at the moment.
I have to use createdRange:“01.08.2019…07.08.2019” insted of createdRange:“last week…today”

Maybe this could be enhanced?


I’ve decided I hate filters. But, this would be cool. Could probably figure it out if you held a gun to me…

Hahahaha! @creecros Will you take a look at this? If you don’t, I may work on it.

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@BlueTeck you can achieve this if your range is relative to today with created:>"-7 days"

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oh thanks, didn’t know that :slight_smile: