Plugin SubtaskDueDate due_date as datetime

Hi everybody,
we are using the plugin SubtaskDueDate from Manuel Raposo.
so far everything is working as expected.
But now we need a small adjustment. the due date should be saved and displayed as date time and not just a date with 00:00 as timestamp.
Changes in the Template files did not lead to the desired results.
could someone point out what to do?


Change the form.php

To use datetime:

Out of curiosity, I have tried this. But it seems that’s not the full story, means something else is missing too.

I can confirm this
that was what I did first before posting here.
the date popup is changed to date time popup and we can enter the time. but after saving and reopening it shows only the date with 00:00 as time


You’re right.
Now change the display from date to date time as well.

Use: $this->dt->datetime

See if that works.

Hopefully that’s it, since im on my mobile…

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Hi and sorry for the delay.
the last suggestion has been also tested.
It is not working as well


ya, you made me play with it.

looks like there is one other thing needed to be done, in Plugin.php

add a true flag for $values, i.e.:
$values = $this->dateParser->convert($values, array('due_date'), true);

i want to confirm that the additional last change did it.
It is working as expected now.

thanks for your time