Decouple automatic action from effect

At the moment, automatic actions and the event are tightly coupled - e.g. I can “Add a comment log” when “moving task between columns” - but why are they combined?

Why can’t I say that I can do any given task based on any given event? So, for example, we might have tasks like:

  • Add a comment log
  • Assign a colour
  • Assign a priority
  • Send an email

And we might have events like:

  • Task moved to a specific colum
  • When due date is impending
  • When task is closed
  • When task is assigned to user

This would allow us to have 16 different automatic actions, but more importantly if someone adds a new type of action (e.g. Assign a category), it’s available for every type of event - if someone creates a new event, it’s available for every type of action.

Automatic actions supplied are simple and straightforward. You can make them as complex as you wish, but it requires you to make them.

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Absolutely, but there’s some things where two parts of the action are already implemented, but you can’t combine them. For example, I can “Send email notification of impending due date”, or “Assign a priority when task is moved to a specific swimlane”, but I can’t “Send email notification when task is moved to a specific swimlane” or “Assign a priority when due date is impending”. Why not?

Don’t get me wrong, the automatic actions functionality is amazing, and reasonably easy to modify to your own needs … but it seems an unnecessary limitation to say that you can’t mix-and-match various bits.

You actually can mix and match anything you want, and the code is already written, so you just have to combine the portions of the code you need, to create your new action.

The code skills required would be minimal, since all the code already exists, you would just need to figure out how to take the bits form one action to combine with the other.

It’s really the beauty of the actions, and the simplicity of them, allows for wondrous creation of unique actions specific to anyones needs.

it actually doesn’t end here, you could create the events you want to mix and match with actions (new actions that would utilize your new events and any event that exists) , but this would actually take more understanding and effort, but the complexity is there for anyone to utilize.

And to my point, you can only “Send email notification of impending due date” because I wrote it for you. :wink: This was my very first plugin for kanboard, and my first step to learning to code, I was like John Snow then…I knew nothing.

Well yeah, I’ve several plugins installed which you’ve had some involvement in :smiley: you’re something of a driving force (along with Mssr. Guillot, of course) in this project …

I guess we’ll probably have to just disagree on the benefits of it here, though. No big deal :slight_smile:

Lol, all in good, I wouldn’t actually say I disagree with you.

Half of what you’re asking already exists, but in the case of impending g due date, I didnt actually make that an event, so you couldn’t tie into it. The event there is the daily cron, the action then uses the algorithm to determine out of all the tasks, what’s impending.

All the actions would then have to be rewritten to offer all the events. There would need to be a whole new system to allow new events automatically propagate to actions.

I honestly wouldn’t even feel comfortable attempting such a feat. But it’s a solid idea.

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