Disabling "Move to another project" for non-admins from the task dropdown

Hi, does anyone know a tweak where I can disable “Move to another project” for non-admins from the task dropdown or just limit that option to admins? Thank you in advance! :slightly_smiling_face:

there is currently no setting for this, so you need to implement it yourself

if you want to hide the entry from the dropdown & sidebar you need to check for admin-access in app\template\task\dropdown.php and app\template\task\sidebar.php
wrap the lines in

<?php if ($this->user->isAdmin()): ?>
<?php endif ?>

if you want to reject the request you can implement it in TaskDuplicationController
in there you can add


at the right places to reject the request.

If I were by your place, I wouldn’t hesitate buying you a barrel of lager. You don’t know how much your answer has helped me! Thank you so much @Chaosmeister the community is very fortunate to have generous and helpful people like you :pray:

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