Task read permission

Dear fellows,

Is there any way to prevent user from read Tasks / Subtasks other than the assigned to him?

I wish to have users seeing and interacting only with their tasks / subtasks.

I also know that this might go beyonf kanban concepts, however this feature could help on organization.

Thanks again.

This is a great question,I am a PM , confuse the same question, and i also know the others have same requires. Possiblely anyone going to modify the source code to finish it , please do it , thank you .

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You don’t want them to be able to open the task and read them? Or you don’t even want them to see the task?

I wish them not to see the task at all.

Tasks should remain hidden from him until I (as admin) assigne it.

Well, out of the box you have 2 options that I can think of.

  1. Set a default filter for your users i.e. assignee:me
  2. Give each user their own project.

In fact , the real reason is to prevent modification of others people’s tasks, set a default filter is a good idea, thanks creecros :slight_smile:

Blocking users from modifying or removing tasks they aren’t assignee of wouldn’t be too difficult, but would require some moderate code.

But, not sure you would want to do that, I can see blocking remove, but you really are nerfing the system if you block modify, and the results might go further than you imagine, i.e. attaching files, comments, and more…and if you get picky about what specific things to not block, you get fairly complicated.

Might want to look into custom roles, not sure if that was ever fixed. If so, might do what you need, last time I played with them, they were borked.

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The filter seemd not good work. it’s difficult to modify too more code for new role.
I’m trying to make the moderate task become not link , it’s only work for the task owner and PM.

I don’t think there is a way to stop user view task if he’s a member of the project. the project activity show everything already…

maybe the best choice is don't use kanboard, …else too much code need changing…

The best way is The member of the project can view everything in project and modify his own tasks, but cant to modify other member’s tasks .

I tried to modify the source code , It works good .
Thanks !

I’m actually writing a plugin for permission control of tasks, based on their tags and asignee,
Creecros mentioned custom roles for this purpose if he can explain a bit more I’m ready to write the code in best possible way.

I mentioned custom roles were borked, last time I checked. I dont do very well visualizing what people are doing, if I cant see code, I cant really offer much advice. You could be going down a path completely different than what I may uave.

Custom roles are difficult if you want some complex rules. I have a project with several rules to a custom role, and works well. It’s just complex.

  1. Go to project settings > Custom roles
  2. Add a new custom role and name it
  3. Your custom role will appear right below. Click on its name (“Restrictions for the role …”) > Add new project restriction
  4. On Restriction, select update only assigned tasks is permitted
  5. save

This restriction still allows users to move tasks that aren’t assigned to them. But they can’t open the edit form. They will still be able to add comments, add links, add things. It just removes the edit form. If you want the users to not move tasks that aren’t assigned to them, you must add a new restricion, and here is the tricky part:

  1. Click on your restriction > Add new drag and drop restriction
  2. Add a restriction to each pair of columns. You dont have to create the “back” path. For instance, if you add Source: Backlog, Destination: Ready, the user will be able to move also from Ready to backlog. Don’t forget to check the “Only for tasks assigned to the current user” if you want them to only move their tasks. If you have 4 colums, you will create 6 rules if you want them to move the tasks everywhere:

After you create your custom rule, go to Permissions and assign the role to the users or groups you want

I use this in conjunction to automatic actions. The image above is an example, it did not reflect the behaviour I will write here:
Users can move any task from Ready to Work in Progress. Everytime a task enters the Ready column, it’s unassigned. Everytime it enters Work in progress, it’s assigned to the user that moved the task.
Once in Work in Progress, the user can move the task to Done or Pending, but only those assigned to them.
This way the people can grab their own tasks (the kanban thing, pull, don’t push), but once the task is theirs, no one can grab the task or edit it.

This is what I meant by borked

Yes, there were other things too that I had to fix when I started using it. I think the “Assign to me” button on the popover was appearing and the user could assign a task to himself even with the “Update only assigned” restriction.
I said:

They will still be able to add comments, add links, add things. It just removes the edit form

It literally just removes the edit form :slight_smile:

Lol, you can tell I skim read.

I did something for someone to block a user’s from removing tasks. Even something that simple requires lots of overrides, to properly hide options from users, so doing something in depth for permissions…I’m all set. Not a plugin I would want to maintain.

Every time I look at the roles and such, I give up. There should be an easier way.

Thank you ! The best solution is Restrictions for the role .