Task read permission

Dear fellows,

Is there any way to prevent user from read Tasks / Subtasks other than the assigned to him?

I wish to have users seeing and interacting only with their tasks / subtasks.

I also know that this might go beyonf kanban concepts, however this feature could help on organization.

Thanks again.

This is a great question,I am a PM , confuse the same question, and i also know the others have same requires. Possiblely anyone going to modify the source code to finish it , please do it , thank you .

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You don’t want them to be able to open the task and read them? Or you don’t even want them to see the task?

I wish them not to see the task at all.

Tasks should remain hidden from him until I (as admin) assigne it.

Well, out of the box you have 2 options that I can think of.

  1. Set a default filter for your users i.e. assignee:me
  2. Give each user their own project.

In fact , the real reason is to prevent modification of others people’s tasks, set a default filter is a good idea, thanks creecros :slight_smile:

Blocking users from modifying or removing tasks they aren’t assignee of wouldn’t be too difficult, but would require some moderate code.

But, not sure you would want to do that, I can see blocking remove, but you really are nerfing the system if you block modify, and the results might go further than you imagine, i.e. attaching files, comments, and more…and if you get picky about what specific things to not block, you get fairly complicated.

Might want to look into custom roles, not sure if that was ever fixed. If so, might do what you need, last time I played with them, they were borked.