Disallow task edit for a custom role



Anyone have a solution to disallow a user with some custom role to edit the assigned task to him/her?

Any kind of help will be really appreciated.


That’s a tricky one, but it shouldn’t be. Last time I played with it, custom roles lacked a lot of “customization”, and I believe it was bugged. Not sure if it has been fixed since then, but even if it had, I don’t believe you could disallow a user to edit their own task assigned to them.

You could however disallow normal users the ability to “Edit” a task, by blocking access to the TaskModificationController. Very similar to below suggestion.


Thank you for your reply. But is it possible for a project user to get access just like project viewer but they should be available in the assignee list when assigning a task?


Yes. It’s possible. My previous answer explains how to do it…or at least points you in the right direction.


I am just a newbie in Kanban board. I would be really grateful to you if a you can provide me a small plugin for the purpose.


we’ll see…


Thanks a lot. Your contribution to Kanban board is truly admirable.