Restict access / visability to assigned tasks?

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I have a quick question, I also did a quick search beforehand but found no results in the forum, only two 3 year old threads where the answer was that it is currently not possible.

Here is what I’d like to do: I’d like to share a kanboard with a user and restrict the items the users can see to those that are assigned to him/her.

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My point of view: that’s not how any Kanban board is supposed to be used.

What you maybe can do (untested, just self bainstorming):

  • Create an action which fires up on assigning a task to an user
  • The action copies that task to a different board
  • Only the target user (and you) have access to that board

But i can foresee new problems arising if that even works…

Other option (if available) a static filter for an user in a board. But that may require a plugin in.

Cheers, Fx

rendering a board that only shows tasks assigned to the person viewing would not be difficult.
basically add a conditional, something like if ($task['owner_id] = $this->getUser()['id']) before the tasks are rendered, around here:

that said, denying permissions to that same user to view other tasks via a URL, would be a whole nother story, one I would not want to go down.

edit: $this->getUser() probably wont work in a template, so you would need to get the User via the session, something like $_SESSION['user']['id']

Thanks for the quick replies. Is there maybe a way to have a constant filter which is applied based on roles?

Maybe I am wrong in understanding your question…


If you go to Manage Projects > Users Overview > Open Tasks

  • Is it what you are asking for? You can filter by user
  • is the pretty URL

well, again, yes(this would take a lot more work to accomplish), but there is no mechanism to restrict that filter changing. So, you could apply that filter, something like assignee:me, to everyone’s custom filter. But you can’t restrict them going in and changing that filter, without removing all access to those places. This would be like hiding the search box…or hiding there custom filter in the user profile…or even going through and editing every filter to also filter out by the user that is logged in…but again…Permissions, still, your not going to stop a URL without a major overhaul to the permission/roles etc…

if you are just talking about visibility, I literally just gave you the easiest solution above, it’s 2 lines of code. If that’s too much for you, then you are stuck with the status quo and the answer is no, you cannot restrict access/visability to assigned tasks.

not the same. he wants the Board to only show Tasks that are assigned to a user. The user who is logged in. i.e. You the user can only see YOUR tasks within a project, and he wants it to be restricted, with no work around.

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Again, thanks for the many replies.

As I lack the time and expertise to create a custom solution, I will have to live with this.

Thank you

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