Docker version smtp settings


I recently switched to the Docker version of Kanboard, but I can’t get it to send emails via SMTP.
How can I achive this? In the admin settings of the webui there is no way to add smtp details.
I already tried to create a config.php with only the settings block for smtp in it but that also does not seem to work :frowning:

Thank you for your help,


You set up smtp in config.php.

I use docker and have no issues, hard to help without more detail.


Okay never mind. I got it working :slight_smile: Had to check the php logs. Also it seems like Nebula created a lot of php errors, removing it fixed them. E-Mail wasn’t working because I had to add ‘’ arround the tls, and needed to switch from ssl to tls.



You should let kenlog know about the php errors on his issue tracker for nebula.