Email notification of impending due date are send even when task is closed

I’ve setting up E-Mail notifications and also the automatic action for sending Mails for impending due dates.

The notifications for impending due dates are continue send, even when the task is closed.

What can be wrong here?

@tigexplorer: I am trying to reproduce your issue with a test installation of Kanboard.

Are you using any plugin for the notification for impending due dates? Is it this plugin: aka ‘Auto Email Extended Actions’

Looking at the code:
I cannot find a line of code that would check if the task is closed.

But then I tried to reproduce the case. I commented some code in plugins/SendEmailCreator/Action/TaskEmailDue.php, so that I would get an “impending due date notification” each time I call ./cli cronjob
After I closed the task, I did not receive any notifications anymore.
I have tested with the latest Kanboard 1.2.13

Sorry for the noise.
It works!

At first, I’ve several tasks moved to the column “Done” and not really closed the tasks.

Still see this as not ideal, as we want to close tasks, but still keep them visible in the “Done” column. Other tools have two steps of closing tasks:

  1. Mark it done (and stop notifying of due dates)
  2. Archive task/close task - hide it from the Kanban board

I opened a new topic today on this proposal.

Nothing is difficult with this plugin, you can literally alter it to do whatever you want, i.e. have it stop emailing the day after due, add a column option so it only email late tasks in a specific column, etc…if you cant figure it out, add a feature request to the plugin page and I will one day add it.

Line 58, that event parameter returns the array for tasks, which uses the TaskFinderModel method getAll, and the default for $status_id is STAUS_OPEN.