Impending due date notificatoin doesn't work

I have been using the SendEmailCreator plugin for a while, testing a lot but I simply can’t get the notification to work. I have set “Automatic Action” in projects:

  • Event name = Daily background job for tasks
  • Email subject = [Reminder]
  • Duration in days = 1
    I have cronjob setup: XXXXXX/kan/cli notification:overdue-tasks --group

I wonder if I am making a mistake on the cronjob or something else.

Most likely the fault is either your cron setup, or mail setup.

If you are able to send mail in your kanboard instance in other areas, then its not your mail setup. You can call your cron manually through a url, try that and see if it works.

If it does, then you know you need to look at your cron tab.

I have similar problem:

Emails are sent if tasks are past due at the time cron is running.
No email if due is tomorrow (if I use duration 1 or 2).

It seems that “Automatic action” is not working, though it works on othe automatic actions.

Try a previous version and let me know if that fixes it. Someone changed my logic, and I literally told them, “if you break it you fix it”

Maybe they broke it.

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Thanks :smile: Version 1.2.2 works fine. It was my lack of insight with cli trigger:tasks and table task_has_metadata (to enable repetetive notifications task-rows needs to be deleted). Thanks for a very useful plugin!

Would you mind sharing how your cronjob task is written? I am trying to get mine working and seem not to be able to get it to work in this case. I have it working for overdue tasks just fine. Any tips are appreciated. I also didn’t understand the table task_has_metadata - should something be done on the backend to make this work? Thanks!

The plugin uses metadata for tasks, to limit emails, to prevent emailing every time the cron runs. So, if you run cron every minute vs every day, in both instances, it will only email once per day. It’s all automatic, and behind the scenes, but you dont want to remove that data, although i am pretty sure that wouldn’t stop it from just rewriting the data with a new time reference and send the mail anyway…I’m guessing Daniel didn’t realize that and was preventing the table from writing data at all…maybe.

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The table “task_has_metadata” contains information about which task has been notified and when, just as creecros writes. For testpurposes you can read or delete rows in that table to trigger the cronjob again.

To read more about cronjobs you can take a look at this page:

Cronjob examples:

  • 08 * * * /var/www/html/kb/cli notification:overdue-tasks #Emails will be sent to all users with notifications enabled. Configurable with more options.
  • 08 * * * /var/www/html/kb/cli trigger:tasks #This command send a “daily cronjob event” to all open tasks of each project.
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