E-Mail notification on upcoming due date

I would like to receive a notification via “SendEMailCreator” one day before the due date is reached.

Here is what I have done:

  • PlugIn installed
  • Created an automation for the corresponding board which should send an email one day in advance
  • called the command ./cli cronjob via ssh to test it

But unfortunately nothing happens. No error message. No e-mail.

If I invite someone by e-mail to the board, then he receives an e-mail. I.e. the dispatch of E-Mail should go in principle (mode for it is “Mail”).

What did i miss to do?

Cheers, Fx

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Personally have not used said plugin since i wrote it, but i know it used to work, and people keep Starring it…and I havent changed the code since then…so, I assume it still works.

I do know its time sensitive, and although the cron will trigger it, it will only send the email once per day, so imagine it tried to send it, thought it sent and failed, then cron all you want, its now on a 24 hour reset. If that is the case, and you want to test until you know it works, by using the cron, then install an older version, it will be easier to test.

that said, i can only assume you set it up correctly, maybe screen shot it just incase. check your junk/spam. confirm user has an email. etc…

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Hi creecros,

i’am pretty sure that it works. I just fear i missed something to set up :slight_smile:

Is there some kind of log where i can get more information?

In case of installing an older version: which one would you recommend?

I will make more tests later this week and give feedback here.

Do i have to enable e-mail notification in general (core settings)? - I think that’s not activated… (just thinking…)


Cheers, Fx

Version 0.0.5 would email everytime the cron runs, beyond that its once per day.

No, notifications had nothing to do with it, just need to make sure your email settings are setup and that the users involved have email addresses in their profile.

If there is an issue, it should show up in logs, i think crontabs has a seperate log, couldn’t tell you exactly where that is.

if i get around to it, ill test it out later, see if i see anything.

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and tested:

Works just fine.

I will note that if you are sending to Gmail address, gmail can be finicky and not accept emails, just straight up block them if say the sender doesn’t match actual sender. Or if you are using Gmail SMTP to send the mail, gmail doesn’t like lesser secure apps, so good luck with that, think you need to use an app password for that. but that’s unrelated to the actual plugin.

While testing i use the command line (ssh)

myserver$ ./cli cronjob

which shows no error even no message at all.

I’ have this tasks ( one overdue, one due tomorrow):

E-Mail setup is fine (does it matter if i’am an admin user?, don’t think so but…). But i do not get an e-mail from Kanboard.

I use an e-mail adress on my own server / webspace which works normaly perfect.

Where can i get that fancy display seen in your image? Or is it from you e-mail providers interface?

well, i don’t know what theme you have there, but I would say from what I see here, the task is not assigned to anyone. so…end of story. Unless you are setup to send to creator of the task…

Ohhh…ohhhh :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I think you are right…

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In german we say “kaum macht man das richtig, schon funktioniert es” (No sooner do you do it right than it works)

Thanks creecros! It works right after i assign it… oh man! :hugs: :crazy_face:

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this is why i asked for screenshots at the beginning of the thread. sometimes the simplest solution is right there, but we need to see something to find them :slight_smile:

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Normaly i’am the first to post screen shots. But i was not on my system whilst asking.

Thanks again!

…and by the way: great and very helpful plugin! I love it (even that i use it since a few minutes).


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i actually used kanboard once in my life, and immediately was like, this is great and exactly what i need, but i need it to do “These” things, which I felt at the time would be what anyone else would say, so I capitalized off that need.

1.) Send me an email a due date is coming up, like why doesn’t it do this.
2.) I can’t assign this task to a group of people? WTF?
3.) My boss saying, can you print these tasks out? This is important for people who exist in the physical realm and need a job bag to connect to a task. These people exist, trust me.
4.) I wish we could have a custom field, to track such and such.

So those were the first ones I tackled. and I pretty much did all 4 of those around the same time. I would even say Group_assign was probably my first, but I didn’t understand a plugin at the time, so I had code that I just wrote over the core, but by learning the others, I was able to get Group_assign into a working plugin. Which is confusing, tbh, because there was quite the demand for that one, many github topics on “OMG we need group assignments” and many conversations and I think even PR’s people tried but Fred was not having it. So I was like, boom, here is the solution for it, here is the plugin, and all those conversations died, and now it is just a thing. But putting that, into a plugin, and making that shit work, man, that was a challenge, especially from someone like me who had no idea wtf i was doing, and its about as fully intergrated as you can make it, seamless with API now, notifications, actions, calendar, like a monster. Never really thought it got the credit it was due, like Customizer, meh, thats nothing in comparison to Group_assign. And there was NO community at that time, no one to ask questions. Fred never responded to any question I asked on Github. and there were no forums. aand there weren’t many plugins around that time either, or at least nothing complicated by any means to use as reference.


I think it is a great pity that the project is handled so strangely by the main developer.

The support could be much broader and thus distributed on more shoulders. Also, when I look at the completely outdated (Design, UX) website… it doesn’t even begin to do the project justice. On the contrary, it looks abandoned.

I, for one, am grateful for your efforts, help and the really useful and meaningful plugins / enhancements.

Thank you!

Cheers, Fx

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