How to Add Task Reminder Action


I have had a look at the action docs - Automatic Actions , I don’t see an Task Reminder action. So I am guessing I will need to set a custom action. I am seeking help regarding the same.

My requirement is - Send a reminder email, to the assigned personnel, for a task, everyday, till the task has not been closed.

How can I achieve the same?


I noticed that there are certain plugins that can help me achieve my requirements by using - impending due dates.

Can anyone suggest a plugin for the same?


Just use that plugin. It has a duration feature. If you set the duration to 2, then 2 days before the task is due, it will email reminders everyday starting 2 days before its due, until closed. So, set the duration to like 300, or some large number.

Not sure which plugin are you referring to? Could you pl share the link here?

The one you mentioned with impending due dates