Sending email when creating and assigning a task to somebody

Hello, i have install kanboard. And i setup smtp data and it is working cause when i go in a task and i click on Send an email. It sends the email.
My problem right now is that i would like that emails are sent when i assign a task to somebody for example.
Do you have any ideas how i could do this ?
Thank you.

You need to setup automatic actions. However, the only “Send Email …” actions that come with Kanboard, are “Send an Email to Someone” and “Send an email when there is no activity”, both of which send the email to the person you choose. You don’t get the choice to send them to “Assignee” for instance…for those situations, you’ll probably want:

Once installed, you will be able to send emails of the tasks to, creator or assignee based on events in choosen columns:

as well as sending emails of the task, when the due dates are impending, based on a duration.

Thanks a lot, i ll try this. :slight_smile:

I have installed it but it doesn’t seem working :

Did you set up the automatic action…? You have to set it up in each project.

How to configure:


Good, it is working like a charm.
Thanks a lot.