Where is it - Create Task from Email Feature

This was a feature added in April 2015 by FGUILLOT. See excerpt from that conversation below.

I implemented the easiest solution in the master branch: integration with third-party services. You have the choice between 3 SMTP providers: Sendgrid, Mailgun and Postmark.
More information here:
… etc
If you want to implement the solution 1) or 2) mentioned above, you can do that with an external script that use the API or the webhooks.
At the moment, this system works only for task creation. I will see later if I need to implement notifications reply or update tasks by email.
@BlueTeck there is a library in the vendor folder to convert HTML to Markdown if you need it.

However, the documentation link is dead and I cannot find the feature in the current version.


  • Is this feature available?
    • If yes, where is the documentation for it?
    • If not was it removed?
      • If yes, can it be requested again? (Trello is doing it… :grin:)


Never Mind.

I RTFM ( :rofl::rofl: ) and found this…


  • The functinoality to create a Task from email is a plugin.
    • This depends on Mailgun.
  • Your board needs to have plugins enabled.

Well… Ok, now I better go do it.

L8erz Boiz!

Another possibility:

I always found sendgrid, mailgun, and postmark to be annoying.

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I tested Zapier, but…IMO, it’s too simple, like a chicken ribs!

I think most user who want to create task from email. it’s not only to create task, also include comment to task too.

the problem is :
1: keep email Conversation View mode in kanboard as task and comment mode. without create new task by every reply mail.

2: sometimes there is embedded images in email body encoded as base64. and also maybe including normal attachments in email.

the first problem should keep message-id and References in task meta info. (rfc5322)

the second problem should implement comment file first.

and if the user sends a message actively from kanboard. the editor need to change first as web email editor in google, which allow insert images as base64 encoding.

you can get fairly complex using zapier, maybe not as complex as you need, but, complex.

I used sendgrid for awhile, I just remember it sucking. tbh though, I dont use anything anymore, not even kanboard, except for testing…probably been a year.

yea, if you want email work fully with kanboard , there are something need to refactor in kanboard. which will be breaking change. But I don’t know if fred will agree…

Thanks for the replies.

Learnings after some investigation.

  • Even Simple Email based task creation is a challenge.
  • Tried Zaiper based option.
    • Stuck at the following.

We had trouble sending your test through.
The app returned “Not Acceptable” with no further details. This usually means we were able to connect to this app or service, but it indicated a problem with what the Zap was asking to do. This could be related to the connected account having a changed password or limited permissions or with necessary values for this step being missing or in the wrong format.

  • Tried the plugin.
    • So much has changed on the Mailgun side that it is impossible to decipher the instructions (admittedly due to impatience on my side.)

All in all, it is either use manual creation in the GUI or use Trello.

L8erz Boiozs!