Kanboard and Zapier

Simple tutorial on how to send API requests from Zapier:

Purpose: To help basic users understand simple principles, like how to create a trigger and perform an action, e.g. send an email and create a task

Step 1:
Make a Zapier Account, it’s free.

Step 2:
Make a Zap

Step 3:
In this tutorial, we will choose to “Parse an Email” and then “POST” with a webhook

Step 4:
Choose “New Email”

You will need a parser mailbox, again, free: https://parser.zapier.com/

Step 5:
Once you have the mailbox account, connect it:

Then, enter in the mailbox email:

Step 6:
Send an email to that email address, to give it sample data.

Go to next step, to set up webhook.

Step 7:
Choose Custom Request for the Webhook

Step 8:
Fill in the Method and URL, you can find your API Endpoint in your Kanboard site under Settings>API
The Method will be POST

Step 9:
Fill in Data

For simplicity, I am showing you the auto parsed portions of the email, dynamically placed into the data, which you can access with the icon in the top right corner:

Fill in the Basic Auth: jsonrpc|your_api_web_token

you can find your API Token in your Kanboard site under Settings>API

Step 10:

You are done, now, every time you email that mailbox, a task will be created with the Subject as the title and body as the description:

You can change the method in your json data to any API action, just make sure you use all the required params. See API reference:https://docs.kanboard.org/en/latest/api/index.html

Once you got that down, you can go a step further, and parse out variables from the email to use as selectors to determine for example, which task to do something to, or which action to perform, possibilities are endless.

You can also switch out the Zaps, for say, a scheduler zap to do actions on recurrence, like create a certain task every week, month, etc…



I gave your suggestion a go, getting a parse error when testing the Zap

Parse error

-32700 ---> parse error. not well formed

whats your data look like? screenshot it.

Yes, its malformed, look closely.

“jsonrpc”: “2.0”,
“method”: “createTask”,
“id”: 171598588,
“params”: {
“owner_id”: 1,
“creator_id”: 0,
“date_due”: “”,
“description”: “{{64767706__email__body_plain}}”,
“category_id”: 0,
“score”: 0,
“title”: “{{64767706__email__subject}}”,
“project_id”: 18,
“color_id”: “green”,
“column_id”: 2,
“recurrence_status”: 0,
“recurrence_trigger”: 0,
“recurrence_factor”: 0,
“recurrence_timeframe”: 0,
“recurrence_basedate”: 0

I just put a random value in.

What was your method, again? You removed your screenshot, so I cant look.

Try adding 1 more digit to the Id, or copy the Id I used.

I tried copying and pasting from that link below, must be a kb plugin or compatibility stopping it

It defiantly is a project, I even changed back to project 1, I’m doing a fresh install on another domain to see what the results are, and they aren’t set to private

new test site worked fine, I’d say a plugin or a setting on old site is stopping it from working

I copied, straight from example.


Is your formatting correct? It still doesnt look correct in the above paste. For giggles, use the exact example in the docs, with exact formatting. And by formatting, I mean the correct spacing after params. Although, spacing shouldn’t matter…who knows.

If I get a chance tonight, I’ll test out your data on mine and see if it gets same result.

I dont think so, the fact that its actually returning false, means it talking. It just doesn’t like something. Confirm 18 is a project? And the project is not private.

I could only get it work once, now it fails @ Zapier with the following error:-

Fields with no value:

is there a way to pass the API token via a webhook to remove Zapier?

Yes. Same url and json. You dont have to use zapier. But I will note, your parse error is related to your json data. Has nothing to do with zapier.

seems to be a an API token issue, if i reset it & update the zap, it works for 1 time, then once reset it works again

wouldn’t I need to put an API token reference in that url?

Your auth is done via the token in step 9. You could try username/password instead. See the docs: https://docs.kanboard.org/en/latest/api/authentication.html

It’s a bit more complicated, but maybe not, been awhile since I did it that way.

@bmyeah Did you able to fix this issue. I am struck with the same problem. Thanks.

Hi !

I’m trying to use it in my company and I would like 2 things to help my collegue to follow what’s done and to do (old school paper collegue ^^).
1- Is it possible to have a tread in telegram or in an other mainstream app with each notification send in the conv, chan.
2- Is it possible to adapt your use of zapier to create task with telegram using simple balise like:

“kjhfkzjhf” />
“fksdhdfkjsh” />

I’m using Kanboard for my personnel project since a lot and would like it a lot, thanks for your work.


I finally spent some time on this and got it working, the drama I faced was formatting, I’ve been unable to successfully import a task with line breaks, the only way is to bold the headings, then manually add the line breaks after the ticket is created

I need help getting Kanboard and Zapier working together, if anyone has done this already I really need your help. Please email me at valent@3dtvornica.hr

Havent played with this in ages, but the guide i wrote is pretty thorough.

What is the end goal, might be better solutions now.